Why Start-Ups And Sole Traders Need Office 365

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many people setting up their own business and more businesses going it alone during lockdown. We have helped numerous start-ups and sole traders with their migration to and adoption of Office 365. So, why do we recommend businesses use Office 365? And how do we help you with migration and adoption?

What systems do start-ups tend to use?

Setting up a business can involve significant outlay at the start and not everyone feels they can afford professional IT advice at this stage. It’s common for people who go out on their own to do everything themselves and/or to rely on friends and family for support and advice. Or maybe they used a particular system when they were employed or are already familiar with certain software packages.
This means start-ups often end up with systems that overlap or duplicate tasks and technology. Or that are wrong or unnecessary for their specific business: what worked for your friend or former company may not work for your new business. This can lead to various issues.


Start-ups often have their email hosted by their domain provider or another solution, often with limited data storage. IMAP email accounts can be tricky to set up as they need server names and port numbers.

Cloud storage

There are various cloud data storage options, including iCloud, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Businesses often store data in more than one place.

Productivity tools

Many companies have various productivity tools, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, workflow software, and calendar tools: Asana, Capsule, Monday, Trello, Calendly, and so on.

Customer data

Having customers’ personal data across multiple platforms can be a security and logistics nightmare.

Multiple systems can be a problem as businesses start to grow

As your business goes from strength to strength and you start to employ more staff or outsource more tasks, you will be forced to create accounts for people in each of these different solutions. Not to mention we also find customers are often paying separately for the Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and so on, via a family subscription
Using multiple systems with all their different accounts and entry points creates extra security risks as well as being costly and time consuming.

Using Office 365 reduces cost and security risk and increases scalability

Office 365 provides a host of applications for your business that are all kept under one roof with one licence and are protected by Microsoft’s security solutions. These include multi-factor authentication (MFA) which requires two or more verification factors.
This helps minimise cost and increases the security and scalability of your business: no more complicated, lengthy processes to get employees started with numerous accounts and logins that each bring their own security risk.
MCS IT has helped many start-ups migrate their email and data to Office 365 and to configure their devices. We also train our clients on all the tools they then have at their disposal. We can even offer a monthly support package to help you with any issues that may crop up going forward.


What are the features of Office 365 Business Standard?

  • Exchange Email with a 50GB mailbox
  • Shared mailboxes can be created
  • Cross-device email access with Exchange
File storage and sharing
  • One TB of OneDrive cloud storage available
  • Work on a file saved directly to OneDrive or SharePoint and changes will be updated across synched devices
  • Allow access to external contacts or provide guest links
  • Securely share documents and send emails: only those with the right permissions can access information
  • Access and sync files on PC or Mac and mobile devices

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Microsoft Teams allows up to 300 users in online meetings and video calls
  • Use Microsoft Teams to chat with your team on the go or from your desktop
  • Connect and collaborate from one place with Microsoft Teams: bring together all your team’s chats, meetings, files, and apps
  • Create team sites to share information, content, and files throughout your intranet using SharePoint
  • Audio Conferencing6 lets you join meetings on the go with a dial-in number
  • Host webinars that include attendee registration pages, email confirmations, and reporting
Business management tools
  • Plan schedules and daily tasks with Microsoft Teams
  • Track information and work with Microsoft Lists
  • Gather feedback from customers and employees with Microsoft Forms
  • Create, edit, share, and co-author professional diagrams and flowcharts with Microsoft Visio for the web
  • Schedule and manage appointments with Microsoft Bookings
Desktop versions of Office apps for PC and Mac
  • Fully-installed and up-to-date versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote for Windows or Mac (plus Access and Publisher for PC only)
  • Office apps can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs per user


Get in touch now to find out how MCS IT can help you save time and money while reducing your security risk. We can help you with migration and adoption of Office 365 and support you afterwards. We love to chat IT!