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With remote working being the new normal businesses are expected to be able support their staff in these uncertain times. At Max Cloud Services we have been helping businesses work remotely from the cloud for a number of years. Our aim is to help your business and staff work remotely whilst also making sure company data is safe and secure.




The Microsoft cloud really allows your business to work remotely. With the new normal seeing more and more people work from home, the ability to access companies data easily from your browser is one of the main reasons companies are moving to the cloud. With tools such as Microsoft Teams providing a collaboration and video conferencing hub for companies you can continue to work remotely but still feel like you are part of a close team.


Microsoft Teams has grown to over 40 million daily users during the Coronavirus pandemic making it one of the most highly used applications in Microsoft suite. Microsoft Teams brings together conversations, cloud file storage, team collaboration, meetings and much much more into one easy to use application. Whether you are looking for a full implementation of Teams or training around best practice, Max Cloud Services have been working with Microsoft teams since its launch in 2016. We have helped numerous companies in their Teams adoption strategy.


Still have that old server sitting in your office? Reliant on coming into the office to access company data? Office 365 provides a host of different solutions for storing data in the Cloud which will allow you and your staff to become more mobile. Easily access your data from a browser, mobile device or directly from your laptop or desktop you will no longer be reliant on physical hardware in your office.


Need your staff to have a physical desk phone but still need people to work remotely. With VOIP Telephony we can assign a physical telephone number to their laptop/desktop allowing them to answer and make calls from where ever they are. With full Microsoft Teams integration you can have all your tools for working remotely in one place.


Concerned about what or where your data is being accessed in the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 provides a host of security features such as data loss prevention and enterprise mobility security. These features will allow you to secure your company data and track who and where it is being accessed.


With more people working remotely it is important to have the right software and hardware to support your virtual meetings. Max Cloud Services have extensive knowledge in video conferencing and can assist in implementation of software and hardware for both home and office use.


It is becoming more common for staff to use their own devices for work. This can cause potential security risks with data leakage and a lack of control and security for their businesses owner. Max Cloud Services can provide a number of different solutions to help you be secure in the knowledge that your company data is safe.


Uncomfortable with staff using personal devices to access company data from the cloud? We can provide a fully managed device that can be monitored and controlled locally so you know your company data is always safe.

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