What is Office 365?

When taking your business to the cloud, Office 365 is the best tool. Office 365 is a subscription-based service that includes Office, Exchange online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft teams and Microsoft Office Web Apps and applications. With over a million businesses using it every day, it has developed innovative apps, intelligent cloud services and world class security, making it a leading brand in online business tools. Your business can feel at ease knowing everyone across your business is connected on every device, with services updating and growing everyday, you can be certain that you are working with the best.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Consolidating data

Consolidating cloud services to Microsoft 365 reduces the disparity, complexity, and deviations across services, making your business data a smoother process.

Supports your organisati- ons move to the cloud

The days from working in an office five days a week are behind us, your team needs access to all their files on the move, luckily, this is possible through Office 365. With access to any files, from any location you can be sure your business will be able to progress whilst you are on the go.

Productivity tool

Office 365 is designed to improve your productivity, with each application having powerful cloud services, device management and advanced security all in one, it is a connected experience. Making teamwork achievable through an online experience.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is much more than just reaching the cloud. Digital transformation allows you to have integrated management, meaning you have more control across your users and devices whilst having advanced security that proactively protects your employees, data, and customer information.

How can Max Cloud help with 365 migrations?

At Max Cloud, we have been migrating businesses over to the cloud for over five years. With our free migration service, we will make it our mission to ensure your employees’ emails and data is moved safe and securely, with no loss and minimal disruption to your day.
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