What is Backup and Recovery?

In the last 12 months, up to 88% of UK SMEs have experienced cyber security breaches, you could be next.
Your business is built around your data and information, which can often hold the key to a competitive advantage in the market. Losing your data can cause upset customers and loss of revenue. 90% of businesses without a backup and recovery plan are out of business within one year.
77% of SME businesses say cyber security is a high priority for them, and it should be for you too. At Max Cloud, we can make sure you don’t join the high number of businesses that have been affected by cyber-attacks through Backup and Security.
Backup and recovery is the process of backing up your data and setting up systems that will allow data recovery, designed to prevent any risks of loss to your work. With the entire world online, backup and recovery has never been so important,

Benefits of Backup and Recovery

File retrieval

Without Backup and recovery your files are at risk of being lost forever, which is something your business cannot afford to do. Backup and recoveries primary job is to keep your important files safe, so your business can continue as normal with minimal disruption after a data loss incident.

Ease of management

Backup and recovery saves you having to constantly back up your devices at every use. With a recent and complete backup to restore from, businesses can get back to work quickly after an efficient data restoration.

Maintenance of compliance regulations

Obtaining and storing your organisation’s data is necessary under various data privacy regulations. Showcasing your backup and recovery tools enables you to continue to run efficiently.

Build customer trust

Customers want to know their data is in safe hands, and news of a data breach can tarnish your relationship. Using backup and recovery puts the confidence back into your customers, so you can continue the great services you are offering them.

Max Cloud Approach

At Max Cloud, we have partnered with Acronis to deliver business level cloud to cloud backup for your business. We want to work with you to ensure your business is never affected by any cyber-attacks and phishing schemes, we are constantly monitoring your servers to ensure you are not at risk of an attack, we solve any problems before they even arise, making out backup and recovery services a no brainer for your SME business.

Without disruption to your day, your data is backed up to the cloud, reducing your offline time, ensuring you a smooth process without any disturbance to your tasks. You can work with ease knowing you have Max Cloud on your side.

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